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What is Managed Services?

More and more small and medium businesses (SMBs) are turning to Managed Services to help them monitor, manage and maintain their increasingly important IT environments. Personnel can focus on more strategic business issues and less on day-to-day IT infrastructure management. By offloading routine infrastructure duties, businesses can:

  • Reduce IT operational costs
  • Deliver higher productivity levels
  • Focus on your customers and business
  • Free up IT and business personnel


We manage your complete IT infrastructure.

  • Significant Reductions in Downtime: Reduce revenue loses by decreasing downtime.
  • Freeing Up Time: Allows business to concentrate resources on more important business operations.
  • Manage complete IT infrastructure – servers, storage, desktops/laptops and networks


iManaged Managed Services costs are very affordable,
even for the smallest of companies.

  • Affordable pricing based on number of servers and PCs
  • No need for internal IT staff to manage complex IT environments
  • Reduce internal IT costs
  • Eliminate many external IT costs


With iManaged:

  • IT management costs are more predictable
  • Frees up IT staff to focus on core business related functions
  • Eliminates the costs of third-party on-site support