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Private Cloud vs Public Cloud

iManaged Private Cloud Solutions allows you to run any number of virtual servers on your own segment of our hardware.  Instead of your cloud sharing the same hardware and platform, your private cloud is run on its own private segment.  This allows us to keep your data and cloud servers secure and performing better than if it was shared with everyone else.   A public cloud will put your data and applications on the same platform as everyone else making your data less secure and available.

  • Easily scale the amount of hardware power your business needs
  • Have more control over data and applications
  • Save money on underutilized hardware
  • Free up IT and business personnel


Reliability and Availability

Our private cloud solutions are running across fully redundant hardware in a state of the art, secure data center to help ensure your data and applications are always available when needed.  We also utilize top of the line hardware to provide your business with best performance when accessing your applications and data. Your data and applications are important to your business; we want to make sure you can always access them when they are needed.

  • Applications are at the core of your business and have to be accessible at all times.
  • Deploying new applications quicky is important to your business.
  • Data is always protected in a private cloud
  • Redundant hardware means little to no downtime



At iManaged we understand how important your data is. We take measures to ensure your data is secure and readily backed up. All of our cloud solutions are hosted from a secure data center with only authorized personnel accessing the hardware.  We also provide backup solutions to enable you to easily recover from any data loss, whether from technical or accidental loss.



Cloud Solutions provide virtualized servers to separate data and applications from the underlying hardware.  By separating data and applications from underlying hardware, new and existing virtual servers can be deployed, upgraded and repaired faster than a physical server.  Also, virtualization allows us to provide you with more servers and options on a smaller set of hardware, decreasing your costs.


Elasticity and Scalability

iManaged Private Cloud Solutions allow you to scale your computing power as your needs change. Since your private cloud solution is a virtual environment, you can easily increase and decrease servers and their power as needed. Need more servers and users on the cloud? No problem, we can quickly provide you with more servers. Need more RAM for an application? We can easily provide you with more power on your existing server.  In our cloud environment, you no longer have to wait for new hardware to come in and be installed to increase your computing power.



Our experienced technicians are available to help our customers with any support issues from cloud servers to desktop computers.  We will set up and help manage your private cloud environment, so you can focus on running your business.  Have questions about iManaged Cloud Solutions, talk to a technician today.

  • Our staff is here to help you with your cloud solution
  • We will help you setup your private cloud
  • Eliminates the costs of third-party on-site support