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iManaged Cloud Solutions

iManaged Cloud Solutions is one of a few cloud providers that offer unique private cloud solutions designed to meet the needs of your business.  Our experienced technicians can provide your business with a high quality cloud solution at a reasonable price designed to maximize your productivity and return on investment (ROI).



Private Cloud Solutions


What is a private cloud? More and more businesses from small businesses to large corporations are moving to the cloud. A private cloud is a secure, low cost way to relieve the stress of maintaining your own complex IT environment.  Moving to an iManaged Private Cloud Solution can simplify your IT, lower costs and increase your return on investment.


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Private Mail Solutions


Tired of hosting your mail on a shared server? Or tired of managing a mail server on-site? With a private mail solution from iManaged Cloud Solutions, you can have a low cost mail solution that is hosted by iManaged in your own private cloud environment.  A private mail solution allows your mail to be separated from other companies’ mail servers, keeping your mail secure and flowing smoothly.


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Server Solutions


Need to upgrade or replace your current server? iManaged Cloud Server Solutions allow you to upgrade or replace your current servers with top-of-line servers without having to manage them yourself. Cloud Servers allow you to deploy as many servers with the power you need and easily scale them as your needs grow or shrink.  Server solutions range from mail servers to application servers.


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Calendar Sharing


What is calendar sharing? Calendar sharing makes it easy for employees within your business to view and manage everyone’s schedule. Using the iManaged Cloud Calendar Sharing for calendar sharing makes it both easy to use and access.


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Mobile Cloud Solutions


What are cloud mobile solutions? Have mobile access to your data and applications by hosting them on the iManaged Cloud Solutions.  This means that anywhere you have an internet connection you will have access to your important applications and data. Use any device from a smartphone to a laptop to access your data and applications on the cloud


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