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iManaged Cloud Solutions FAQ


Why should I choose an iManaged Cloud Solution?


iManaged Cloud Solutions provides private cloud solutions at a great price! With almost all of our hardware being redundant, your business will experience virtually zero downtime. We make it easy to scale the amount of hardware resources that your business needs as it grows. With many years of experience in manged services we go above and beyond to make sure our customers are satisfied.



How is the price for a cloud solution determined?


Since every businesses needs are different, iManaged's Cloud Solutions have to be individually tailored to meet the requirements of that business. Our experienced staff can help your business come up with a high quality cloud solution at a reasonable price.



How secure is my information that is on the cloud?


All of our hardware is maintained at a state of the art, highly secure data center. Being that we only offer private cloud solutions, all your information is stored on a segment of our hardware that no one else has access to. We understand that your data needs to be secure and that is why we take all the necessary steps to make sure your data stays protected.