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About iManaged Cloud Solutions

iManaged has had years of experience as a local IT managed service provider. We are now expanding and offering a variety of cloud solutions for small to medium businesses. Moving a business to the cloud not only saves you on hardware expenses, but also saves your employees time and increases productivity by reducing IT problems. Learn more about iManaged Cloud Solutions.



Experienced Team


Our staff has been providing virtual server installations and maintenance to meet the needs of our customers.  We are taking our knowledge and experience to provide a quality, cost-effective cloud solution for businesses.  Together our team has over 40-plus years of experience working with computers from business networks to computer repair. We know we can provide you with a top quality cloud solution.



How We Provide Cloud Solutions


Our team of professionals will analyze your business to determine your business needs and how the cloud can help you achieve your business goals.  We then proceed to set you up with the best cloud solution for your business on our hardware.  We also make it easy to scale the amount of power or space that you want for your cloud solution.



Peace Of Mind - Redundant,Secure Hardware And Data Center


All of our hardware is maintained at a state of the art, highly secure data center.  We utilize top of the line redundant hardware and monitoring to provide a cloud experience with virtually zero downtime.  Secure your data and business by migrating to an iManaged Cloud Solution.