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About Managed Services

Managed Services lets a company outsource their IT management responsibility in order to relieve the stress of day-to-day IT tasks.  A managed services provider is an IT provider who provides both on-demand and proactive IT support.  Providers, like us here at iManaged, allow businesses to worry about their daily business needs and not their computer needs.  By proactively monitoring and maintaining your network, IT problems can be prevented before they arise.  Learn more about iManaged Managed Services.



Hardware and Software Management


A managed service provider learns a business’s hardware and software then proactively maintains them.  Computer equipment is monitored by the managed service provider to prevent problems and keep equipment up-to-date.  They also provide expert advice on when and what to upgrade your equipment to. Learn more about how iManaged can maintain your hardware.



Network Management


When it comes to network management, managed service providers are experts that can help with network management from network setup to monitoring.  Managed Service providers provide services to keep your network running fast and smooth. Learn more about how iManaged can manage your business network.



IT Recommendations


Managed Service providers will help in the decision making process for a business’s IT needs. Whether it’s hardware or software, a managed service provider will provide expert advice to keep your business up-to-date and running smoothly. Let iManaged help you improve your IT.